The historic Carnegie Library is located in Washington, D.C. at Mount Vernon Square and it has served as an integral part of our history. In 2016, Apple began two year, extensive $30 million restoration of the historic 1903 building. The restoration included the reconstruction and revitalization of the historic central public library, a commercial retail space, new grand staircase, removal of later additions to the building, and restoration of the facade. Froehling & Robertson, Inc. (F&R) has provided special inspections services in support of this extensive restoration effort.

Pedestrian bridges were installed in the building on one of the upper levels, along with a skylight. Lots of the original decorative features of the library were preserved and renovated. Large parts of the flooring, some of the internal staircases, and some of the ceilings were also preserved and renovated.

F&R has provided special inspection services throughout the course of this project. This included concrete and rebar inspections, bearing grade observations, drilled shafts for micro piles, post tension inspections, fireproofing inspections, and structural steel inspections. At the beginning of the project, F&R performed bearing grade observations in the sub-basement level at the foundation, where improvements were being made. The subgrade, originally, did not appear to be able to meet the specified bearing requirement and F&R worked closely with the Geotechnical Engineer of Record in order to help get past this issue.