F &R performed geotechnical subsurface exploration for the new construction of Mallard Creek Academy, which consisted of an Elementary School, multi-purpose/gymnasium building, parking areas and drive ways. Future plans involved the construction of a Middle School building, an Athletic field and additional parking. The subsurface exploration consisted of thirty soil test borings. Soil samples were collected, visually classified and tested in F&R’s accredited laboratory. Based on the soil laboratory results, F&R’s geotechnical engineer recommended monitoring and testing of site grading and foundation construction to prevent potential excessive settlement issues and site erosion. Further recommendations were made for pavement design.

As such, F&R provided construction materials testing (CMT) and special inspection (SI) services for the project. Testing and inspections included; soils, concrete, reinforced steel, retaining walls, and exterior insulation finish system (EIFS) inspections. In addition, F&R also supplied laboratory services to determining suitability of fill soils and retaining wall backfill.