Clyde A. Simmons, III, PE

Clyde Simmons, P.E., has been appointed Regional Vice President overseeing the F&R Crozet, Roanoke, Richmond, and Dulles branch offices in Virginia. Mr. Simmons is a 21-year firm employee and most recently served as Branch Manager of F&R Crozet.

Under his leadership since 2012, the Crozet office has become one of F&R’s most successful operations. In his new role as Regional Vice President, Mr. Simmons will expand this leadership success to the additional offices now under his responsibility. His focus areas will include operational improvements, team management, business development, and market growth.

Clyde grew up near Annapolis, MD, spending much of his youth on the water sailing, crabbing, or swimming. After moving to landlocked central Virginia over 15 years ago, his hobbies expanded to include hiking, camping, and playing the guitar. The thing that was the most difficult for him to adjust to, however, was the fact that the University of Maryland alum and proud Terps fan was now living deep in the heart of Cavalier and Hokie country!

As a child, his career aspirations evolved from marine biology to architecture and, finally, civil engineering. Geotechnical engineering became a natural fit for Clyde, combining his interest in engineering with his love for the outdoors.

Clyde has the theoretical background needed to work on highly specialized projects, having completed the required master’s level coursework at the University of Maryland. But what helps to make him really stand out to his clients is the fact that he enjoys the “art” of geotechnical engineering just as much as the science. Clyde’s geotechnical analysis and design experience includes shallow foundation analysis, elastic and consolidation settlement analysis, deep foundation analysis, pavement design, slope stability analysis, reinforced slope design, retaining wall design, including segmental retaining wall design, soil nailed walls, and soldier pile walls. He also has expertise with soil improvement analysis, including lime and cement stabilization, stone columns, geopiers, dynamic compaction, grouting, and design using geosynthetics.

Since taking over as manager of the Crozet office in 2012, Clyde has been named F&R’s Manager of the Year (multiple times!), and the Crozet office has consistently been one of F&R’s most successful operations, owing in large measure to his steady leadership and knack for client care.