Gary A. Bruce, PE

Gary Bruce will be the first to tell you that numbers make a lot more sense to him than words. As a matter of fact, he feels that if books had been written in math, he probably would have done a whole lot better in English class. With this love for math coupled with his desire to work outdoors and an engineering technician job to help pay his college tuition, Gary realized that Civil Engineering was THE perfect career choice. A truly “forged in the fire” engineer, he started part-time as a laboratory technician and with his talent and skills soon progressed to working as a field technician, all while going to school. Once Gary graduated, he advanced quickly through the professional ranks at F&R to become a successful Branch Manager in both the Charlotte, NC and Roanoke, VA offices. He knows all aspects of the business and gets the big picture, because he has actually done it all. Gary is currently a registered engineer in Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina and holds many certifications. He has personally managed many of F&R’s largest client accounts and serves as a mentor and resource to F&R staff.