For the past three years some students at North Carolina Central University have had to reside in a Durham hotel because of overflow. Construction of new housing is underway to alleviate the housing demand on campus.

F&R is currently providing construction materials testing and special inspections in support of the new construction of the three new residence halls on the NCCU campus. The residence halls are comprised of 323 units and 1250+ beds, totaling approximately 375,00 square feet. The overall project has been divided into two phases with two of the residence halls being constructed within a 15 month period and the second hall scheduled to be completed during the second phase of a 12 month period.

F&R’s certified technicians and special inspectors are currently providing observation and inspection activities including: site grading; utility backfill; foundation and slab construction; parking lot construction; concrete placement; masonry construction; welded and bolted connections inspections; laboratory soil, concrete, mortar and grout testing.

The first two residence halls, Chidley South and George Street, are expected to open by 2020 and the third residence hall, Lawson Street, is expected to be completed by 2021.