The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is currently undergoing a multi-year, $136 million expansion. The REACH expansion includes the construction of three new pavilions that will contain studios, rehearsal halls, media-ready classrooms, a traditional lecture hall, space to accommodate critical education programs, an outdoor wall for simulcast / video presentations, and a café. F&R has provided environmental and construction materials testing and special inspections.

F&R has provided extensive construction materials testing and inspection services throughout the course of this project. This included testing of soils, concrete, asphalt, mortar and structural steel. In addition to these, F&R also inspected waterproofing and monitored static load pile testing. Most of the designed expansion rests on steel piles, over 500 in total. The piles have shed light on the variability of the subsurface by sometimes free falling nearly approximately 10-20 after passing through the top soil.

Additionally, during the expansion process, lead contaminated fill was detected on site. F&R’s environmental team provided hazardous materials monitoring and oversight during construction and excavation operations as well as management of the disposal of remediated soils.