b"Leaky UST1.5 oz White Rum.75 oz orange curacao.75 oz Lime Juice.5 oz Orgeat or Amaretto.5 oz Dark RumPineapple wedge GarnishAdd white rum, curacao, lime juice and orgeat into a shaker with crushed ice and shake lightly (about 3 seconds).Pour into double old fashioned glass and garnish flamboyantly.Pour into your receptor site.It's great when you can take all those things you don't want to deal with and bury them underground, isn't it?Case in point: the eyesore that is the petroleum storage tank.It must have been widely celebrated when these started getting stashed under the surface instead of dotting the landscape.Really, What could go wrong?F&R's Environmental Services Group has built hundreds of careers focused on trying to correct humanity's hapless mistakes (see also: That Old Black Mastic).Our world is a long way from running out of hazardous environmental challenges - until we do, it's good to know that the F&R Team is on the case."