b"Thermal Reinforcement1 oz Irish Whiskey1 oz Bailey's Irish Cream1 oz Butterscotch Schnapps2.5 oz Hot Black Coffee (or more to fill)Whipped Cream & caramel Syrup GarnishWarm a coffee mug or Irish coffee glass by filling with hot water.Allow to sit for a few minutes, then dump out water and pour in all liquors, fill with coffee, stir.Top with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel syrup.Here come the reinforcements!It's cold.And as every penguin knows, at least for now, this is going to keep happening every year (ah, science!)F&R has published numerous Speaking in Code articles on the pitfalls of cold weather concreting over the years and we'd like to tell you that when it gets really cold or really hot, your construction materials start acting crazy.Reinforcingsteeliscombinedwithconcretetoproducestructuresthatcanresistthe loads imposed on them. Thermal reinforcement refers to steel placed to give a structure resistance to cracking due to expansion and contraction during temperature cycles. 2020 got you experiencing your own cycles of tension and pressure?Apply liquid thermal reinforcement at once!"