b"Modulus of Elasticity3 pitted fresh cherries2 oz. Gin2 T Lime Juice.5 oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur6 oz. Lemon Lime SodaCherry and Lime GarnishPop fresh cherries into a cocktail shaker with a slug of Cherry Liqueur and lime juice and muddle.Add Ice and Gin.Shake Enthusiastically and strain into hurricane, collins or other glass with ice.Top with lemon lime soda.Garnish Handsomely and bust a move.The Modulus of Elasticity Theory applies to the properties of concrete, steel or other construction material to indicate their ability to be elastic under certain conditions.The Modulus of Elasticity Cocktail refers to the direct correlation between number of cocktails to the imbiber's perception of self-awesomeness.and ability and willingness to cut a rug."