b"Marie Curie Fizz or Karl von Terzaghi SpritzGrenadine or cherry juice straight out of the jarCola or Ginger Ale27 or so Maraschino CherriesFill a glass with ice and add somewhat sickening amount of grenadine.Fill rest of the way with cola or ginger ale.Garnish with cherry and serve with extra bowl of cherries.No offense to Roy Rogers or Shirley Temple, but when today's youngsters want something sweet to imbibe how about fixing them a nice STEM themed mocktail?At F&R we love science - it's what makes our world go around.And while we suppose that hollywood film stars from the 1940's possibly might still be relevant role models to our youth, why not serve up something delicious named after the scientists that have made our built and powered world possible?The smile on a young lad's face when presented with the namesake beverage of the Father of Geotechnical Engineering, Karl von Terzaghi, will be absolutely priceless.Besides, he probably hasn't heard of Roy Rogers either."