b'The Proofroller1 oz Blue Curacao3.5 oz. Vodka2 oz White Cranberry JuiceLemon, Orange or Grapefruit TwistFill cocktail shaker halfway with ice.Pour in Blue Curacao, vodka and cranberry juice.Shake and strain into a martini glass.Garnish.Sometimes engineering is complex and hard for the layperson to understand.And then there are times when an engineering concept or practice is called exactly what it is or does.Case in Point:Proofrolling.Our engineers describe it as the process by which an expanse of compacted soil is checked for soft areas or deformities that could potentially cause subgrade instability.How is it checked?By "rolling" over the soil with a fully loaded tandem axle dump truck.If there is no rutting, cracking or deflection.well, there\'s your proof!So, essentially, a proofroller is a dump truck.You\'re welcome!'