b"Quarantiki1 oz Bourbon1 oz London Dry Gin.5 oz Lime Juice2 Dashes Angostura BittersGinger Beer to topMint and Tropical GarnishAdd bourbon, gin, lime juice and bitters into shaker with ice.Shake for 30 seconds.Strain into tiki mug over fresh ice, top with ginger beer, mint sprig and garnish.What a year. Marked by a collection of backhanded gifts that just kept on giving such as a pyromanic gender reveal party, murder hornets, tp shortages, Joe Exotic, insane political chaosoh and a pandemic that has kept us shuttered in our houses for 10 months (and counting), this year has been a real drag.We've learned a lot about entertaining ourselves in sundry ways (sourdough starters, knitting, ukulele) and we had to grow accustomed to laughing at our own jokes since our families no longer found us very amusing. We've been faced with life's unanswered questions:when I am not working from home, is my neighbor still outside blowing leaves? But most of all we realized just how agile we humans can be in navigating the countless obstacles thrown in our paths on a weekly basis."