b"A Study of the Reproductive Habits of Threatened and Endangered Species on the Beach1.5 oz Vodka1 oz Peach Schnapps2 oz Orange Juice2 oz Cranberry JuiceTiny Parasol (in case of rain) or Orange Slice (Fine, but a poor option if it rains)Fill hurricane glass with ice, add all ingredients in order and stir.Check weather and garnish accordingly.In140yearswe'veseenalotofourwonderfulfellowearthdwellingcrittersbecome endangered.the plight of the red cockaded woodpecker may not cross your mind often but our environmental scientists think about all the angles so you don't have to.Environmental consultingistwosidesofthesamecoin.addressingman-madehazardousdisastersand figuringoutwaystopreventthem.Bothsidesrequirethesamethreestepapproach employed by F&R:Assess, Manage, and Consult."