b'They Say Hindsight Is 20/20And wed prefer to keep it that way, thanks.While 2021 will surely have its many obstacles,wehaveaglass-half-fulloutlookbecausethisyearalsomarksF&Rs 140th anniversary!And if ever there was a more appropriate year to recognize with a compendium of engineered cocktails (and a few mocktails) we cant think of one.Weve seen a lot in 140 years.World wars, economic collapses, TWO pandemics.perhaps thats how we knew the human spirit would prevail once again and get us through this past year of horrors.When times are tough we at F&R like to step back and think about the things for which we are grateful:loyal clients with important projects, an amazingly talented and dedicated staff, our brave first responders and SCIENCE.Oh, and also a well crafted beverage, which coincidentally you can find many examples of herein.While we still cant all be together to celebrate this occasion, were so looking forward to a year of challenging projects and supporting you with stellar client service.Cheers to 140 Years!'